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Explore painting techniques and pigments used in paintings by old and modern masters.



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Lexicon of Art and Science featuring paintings, pigments and scientific methods for investigation of works of art.


Who are the figures in the mirror?

Velázquez, 'Las Meninas', ca 1656


Which blue pigment did Bellini use?

Bellini and Titian, 'The Feast of the Gods', 1514-29


Which blue pigment did Renoir use?

Renoir, 'Boating on the Seine', ca 1879


What did Vermeer change in this painting?

Johannes Vermeer, 'Woman With a Pearl Necklace', 1662-65.
Neutron Autoradiography


How many red pigments did Degas use?

Degas, 'Combing the Hair', ca 1896


How many red pigments did Vermeer use?

Vermeer, ' The Girl with a Wineglass', 1659-60


What does the inscription on the wall say?

Rembrandt van Rijn, 'Belshazzar's Feast', 1636-38



The pages on paintings  can be accessed in three different ways, namely, according to the historical period, according to the painter and his home country and according to the pigments used in their creation.


The pages on pigments  can be accessed in three ways as well. You can choose pigments according to their type, according to their colour and also according to their first date of use.

Scientific Methods

This section features the scientific methods employed in investigation of paintings. Included are methods for imaging the inner layers of the painting, methods for identification of pigments and also the very modern computational methods.

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